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Indiana RV Info


McCormick's Creek State Park is for the public - please have respect for it. All visitors are expected to observe the following rules, which are designed to preserve a primitive landscape in its natural condition for the use and enjoyment of the people.

  • Do not injure or damage any structure, rock, tree, flower, bird or wild animal within the Park. Do NOT gather limbs, brush or trees (either dead or alive) for firewood! They MUST be allowed to remain to rebuild the natural humus.

  • Any firearm (except validly licensed handguns), BB gun, air gun, CO2 gun, bow and arrow, or spear gun in possession in a state park must be unloaded or un-locked and stored in a case or locked within a vehicle except when participating in an activity authorized by written permit.

  • Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet and attended at all times.

  • There shall be no vending or advertising without permission of the Department of Natural Resources.

  • Camping is permitted only in the campground. Youth groups must be under adult supervision.

  • Fires shall be built only in places provided.

  • Please comply with the Carry In/Carry Out trash policy in all day use areas. Overnight guests must put waste in receptacles provided for that purpose.

  • Motorists will observe speed limits as posted, and park in designated areas.

  • Swimming is limited to such places & times designated by the department.

  • Drinking water should be taken only from pumps, hydrants or fountains provided for that purpose. This water is tested regularly for purity.

  • Report lost or found articles to the park office.

  • All motorized vehicles must remain on paved roadway. Snowmobiles are prohibited.

  • Bicycles must be used on roadways and are not allowed on hiking trails.

For a complete list of rules and regulations inquire at the Park Office.

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Note: This is not the official Park website. However, it is the most complete and easy-to-use site, with everything you need to plan a trip to McCormick's Creek State Park.