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Indiana RV Info

Trail 5

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ALERT: This trail received significant damage from a tornado in March 2023 and remains closed. Do not go past the closure signs.

Trail 5 is a moderate 2.0 mile loop trail that begins at the Wolf Cave Parking Area (which has room for about 20 vehicles). The trail enters Wolf Cave Nature Preserve, loops through a beech-maple forest, crosses Litten Branch, and offers access to Wolf Cave and Twin Bridges before ending near the Wolf Cave Parking lot.

The western part of the loop trail north of the parking area passes through a sinkhole tract. Geologically speaking, this is an area that contains no surface streams - all drainage goes underground into a limestone cavern system. The eastern part of the loop trail north of the parking area passes through a large blind valley, which is a collapsed cave system, where a stream sinks at the western end of the valley.

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Note: This is not the official Park website. However, it is the most complete and easy-to-use site, with everything you need to plan a trip to McCormick's Creek State Park.